About the ADA

Dss. Nancy Jones, Bishop Walter Banek, and Dss. Annette Johnson

The Mission of the Anglican Deaconess Association is to bring Anglican Deaconesses together in fellowship, education, spiritual support, and worship.

Our Purpose is to encourage the growth and proper understanding of the Order of Deaconesses through

  • witness and instruction,
  • offering support and mentoring during the formation process of future Deaconesses,
  • coordinating conferences, educational opportunities, and retreats,
  • creating resources to support the work and spiritual life of Deaconesses, and
  • providing a structure that fosters communication and mutual support.

We affirm the following Lambeth resolutions:

  • The Order of Deaconesses is for women the one and only order of the ministry which has the stamp of apostolic approval, and is for women the only order of the ministry which we can recommend that our branch of the Catholic Church should recognise and use. (Lambeth 1920, resolution 48)
  • The deaconess dedicates herself to a life-long service, but no vow or implied promise of celibacy should be required as necessary for admission to the order. (Lambeth 1930, resolution 69)
  • The deaconess order is modeled on the diakonia “of the primitive rather than of the modern diaconate of men.” (Lambeth 1920, resolution 49 and Lambeth 1930, resolution 69)