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The Anglican Deaconess Association is funded through

  • member dues

  • donations by individuals who support the ministry of Anglican Deaconesses, and

  • contributions by jurisdictions that Set Apart women to the Deaconess Order.

The Anglican Deaconess Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are fully tax deductible.


logoFor more information, contact

Deaconess Annette M. Johnson
4142 Dayflower Drive
Katy, TX 77449
Phone: 281-463-9454
Fax: 281-463-9575

email: info@recdss.org


A deaconess does not bless, but neither does she perform anything else that is done by presbyters and deacons, but she guards the doors and greatly assists the presbyters, for the sake of decorum, when they are baptizing women. (Apostolic Constitutions 8:28)